hiit training workouts

short burst online cardio sessions

30 minute online HIIT Training Workouts, convenient, flexible & affordable.

Training sessions designed to improve fitness, speed & agility. 

Workouts incorporate  body weight so no equipment required.

“Tim's sessions always leave me exhausted yet completely exhilarated”

30 minute High Intensity Interval Training classes, online & convenient. 

Training sessions designed to improve fitness, speed & agility. 

Workouts that incorporate  body weight so no equipment required.

“Tim's sessions always leave me exhausted yet completely exhilarated”
Hiit classes


hiit training



what are hiit training workouts?

When the amount of time is limited, but we still want to dedicate time to our physical and mental health, HIIT can be a very effective. HIIT training gives us a way to maximise time dedicated to training. This is achieved through a programme of high intensity exercises. This is completed in short bursts with a short rest after each exercise. A HIIT session will last for 30 minutes. During each 30-minute HIIT workout, a short period for warm-up and cool-down will be included.

Benefits of HIIT Training Workouts?

HIIT is an effective use of what limited time you may have available. The added benefits is that your body burns calories at a higher rate after each session through increased oxygen consumption. This form of cardiovascular exercise focuses on increasing heart rates. This is usually between 80-100% of your maximum. This can help prevent heart disease offering greater health benefits than lower impact exercise performed over longer periods of time.

Benefits of HIIT training Online?

Time can be a factor in deciding that HIIT is for you. You may also find an online approach to training can work best for you. HIIT workouts at home are increasingly common and allows us to work on our physical fitness in privacy. This removes the need to commute and pay expensive gym memberships. Also, the use of the ZOOM application on our digital devices is so simple and something that many of us have become use to. HIIT classes online are ideal for people who need to travel in their work. This allows people to continue with their HIIT workout plan alongside other commitments.

Before starting your HIIT classes online, I ask that you complete this medical form to help me to assess your readiness for high intensity physical exercise.



hiit training workouts

clients reviews

"Tim’s HIIT sessions always leave me feeling a great combination of exhausted yet exhilarated. Tim mixes up the exercises to give all your muscles a good workout, even those you never knew existed!"
Pamela Collins
HIIT Classes Online
"From the onset I loved Tim’s HIIT sessions. They are varied each week and it is like having Tim in the room with me. I would recommend the sessions to anyone as you do not need any expensive kit or space."
Alisha helms
HIIT Online Classes
"Tim’s weekly HIIT sessions are varied and enjoyable. Even over zoom he gives you pointers on technique and form. As all the exercises are body weight you can do the session anywhere from your front room to the park."
paul jacobs
HIIT Classes Online

hiit training workouts


You will firstly need the Zoom application on your laptop or other device. Then contact me via email, Face Book or Instagram. You will then be invited to a private Facebook group were a zoom link and payment page will be posted. I also ask that you fill out a physical exercise readiness questionnaire that can be found on the Online Instructor page.

No equipment is needed as all exercises will be using body weight only.

Each session is 30 minutes and will include time for a warm-up and cool-down.

Unfortunately, fees paid in advance of classes can’t be refunded due to non-attendance and cannot be carried forward to future classes.

Please contact me via email, phone or by filling in the contact form below. You can also contact me through the following social media platforms Face Book and Instagram.

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